Why take this class?

  • Expert Content

    Right now, in this maelstrom of fake news and anxiety-inducing social media posting, we've curated webinars from recognised experts in four fields to help.

  • Actionable Toolkits

    There are three valuable toolkits or downloads to help you take action and improve your outcomes. By taking action, you will come out of this stronger.

  • Instant Access

    You need help now, so this class is immediately available to you upon purchase and the content will be accessible for 12 months following registration.

What's Included

Your package included four webinars and three helpful toolkits to help you survive.

Pricing options

Take advantage of our emergency low pricing so this can be available to everyone who needs it.

Take Positive Action Today

This is a really tough moment. But there are things you can do to make life so much better and come out of this stronger. What you learn in this special micro-class will do just that. And we will also guarantee your fee, so if you take the class and it does not help, we'll offer you a full refund.

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